Review of Different Mattress Sizes

Nowadays you can find a plenty of mattresses which will satisfy your requirement for comfort, price, size etc. But in the ratio the price, the quality and the comfort, the size of a mattress plays an essential role at a choice of a good mattress.

Shops offer huge quantity of mattresses of the every possible sizes. To buy a proper mattress, one should at first take the size of the bed and the demanded mattress. Mattresses are projected so that two persons could be located on them without any spatial restrictions. Mattresses with the limited spatial characteristics do not provide you a good sleep.

The Better Sleep Council, a non-profit, mattress industry supporting organization in the USA, gives some useful advices to buyers in a choice of the size of a mattress.

In the USA, there are certain standards concerning the size of mattresses.

Almost all manufacturers of mattresses follow an available standardization relating to the sizes of a mattress.

Single or twin size mattresses are 39 inches wide, but a double or full size mattress has a width of 54 inches. Both single and full sizes are 75 inches long. Such length of a mattress is too small for some adults. Full size mattresses approach for one person if its growth does not exceed 5 feet 5 inches.

Full size or twin mattresses are used even more often in teenage bedrooms. Queen size mattresses are 60 inches wide and around 80 inches long. For today, mattresses of such size have the greatest demand as they ideally approach for couples. These mattresses approach most of all for small master bedrooms and guest rooms.

King size mattresses are 78 inches wide and 80 inches long, which is 18 inches wider than that of queen mattresses. Such mattresses give to their owners maximum comfort and sleeping space, that makes approximately 39 inches for each sleeper.

In the USA, there are as well other types of mattresses, for example Olympic queen — 66x 80, California queen — 60x 84 and California king — 72x 80. However there is no standard size of thickness of a mattress.

Thickness of the majority of mattresses varies in a range from 6 up to 14 inches.

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