How to Put on a Duvet Cover Easily by Yourself

Have you ever made the mistake of just shoving your comforter back into your duvet cover? I bet you wrestled with that thing for awhile, never getting it to look like it did before. Well, lucky for you, we’ve got a couple cheats for you to make the process a whole lot simpler and faster.

Why Use A Duvet Cover?

You might be asking, why bother with a duvet cover in the first place if they can pose such a hassle? Well, first things first, a duvet cover is an additional fabric slip that protects the duvet. It’s not meant to provide warmth, but can come in lots of fun different colors and patterns to switch up the look of your bed. They also usually have closures to them like buttons, zippers, or ties in the inside of the corners that connect to your duvet.

Duvets and comforters can be expensive (think goose down blankets that feel like they belong in the Plaza Hotel in New York), and difficult to clean. They usually require dry cleaning, which can be costly, or they might take a few days to dry out at home. Duvet covers are useful because they can protect your duvet, keeping it clean and scratch free from whatever you may be allowing into your bed (children, pets, mimosas, etc.). They can also be easily removed and are purposely easy to wash, but not so easy to put back on unless you read our methods.

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