Bear Mattress Review 2018

The Bear Mattress is quite different from its peers because of the way it has been designed. It has been developed specifically to provide optimal comfort, relaxation and deep sleep to very active people such as athletes but is equally relaxing to the laziest of us.

This mattress marks the arrival of a totally new and revolutionary generation of American mattresses. It will be sold directly to the public to encourage dramatic reduction in the cost and final price without compromising on the quality of the mattress. Moreover, it is created with the aim of bringing forth innovation in the industry.

What Type of Mattress Is It?

This mattress is different from other mattresses in the market because it is manufactured with high-density memory foam along with other materials. It is perfect for athletes or those who have an excessively active lifestyle and require maximum comfort to enjoy a restful time at night.

Bear Mattress Features:

The Bear Mattress comprises four foam layers, which increase the firmness of the mattress substantially as you move down through it. It has been designed with some of the most innovative and unique technologies and materials so that the blood flow is enhanced and overheating during sleeping is reduced. This ensures a speedy recovery process in case of injury.


The cover of Bear Mattress is extremely thin and soft, which makes it breathable. However, the aspect that sets the cover apart is that it has been manufactured with Celliant, a material that is usually found in sporting apparel and equipment. Cellian is clinically proven to support the recovery process by turning body heat into an infrared light so that blood flow and oxygen circulation improve and body temperature is regulated. We suggest that you research more about Celliant and find it on your own whether it is suitable for you or not.

Top Layer:

The Bear Mattress features 1.5” graphite infused memory foam top layer having an astounding density of 4lbs. Graphite infusion is excellent for relieving pressure, regulating body temperature and ensuring that the sleeper doesn’t get overheated. Moreover, it is perfect to be used in a wide range of temperature fluctuations, which means it responds uniformly to pressures across varying temperatures.

Middle Layers:

The mattress’ middle part is made from two response layers, both of which have been created using 1” of proprietary response foam of the Bear having a density of 3lbs. It encourages enough bounce to the mattress and ensures that the sleeper won’t feel stuck at any point. The middle layers respond very quickly to pressure and serve as a transitional layer from the top layer’s soft memory foam all the way down to the base.


At the base, there is a 6.5” poly foam layer having a density of 1.8lb, which means it is firm enough to support the middle and top layers and also allows the mattress to become durable enough. It is a pretty common norm to include a firm base in foam mattresses.

Who can benefit most from the Bear Mattress?

It is a well-known fact that target consumers vary with every new mattress that is introduced into the market and the scenario is the same with the Bear series of luxury mattresses. It is essentially appealing if you fit any of the following criteria:

You’re an athlete or a physically active individual

The Bear Mattress is amongst the few mattresses in this price range that is manufactured using Celliant technology. The primary aim of using Celliant is to ensure speedy recovery post-intensive physical activities. It is certainly an excellent addition to a memory foam mattress.

You need an ultra-comfortable mattress.

Without a doubt, the Bear Mattresses are one of the few very affordable luxury beds that you would find nowadays. Just check out the reviews available on the website to understand how unique this mattress is from the rest is.

You are a fan of memory foam

A majority of people don’t like spring mattresses because of the amazing support, comfort, relaxing feel and durable structure that memory foam mattresses offer and Bear Mattress has an extraordinarily plushy feel that one cannot resist buying it.

You are looking for good value for your cash but on a budget.

Unlike various other brands of mattresses, the Bear mattress is manufactured totally in the USA and gets shipped directly from the factory’s warehouse to your doorstep. In this way, you are able to prevent the unusual and unrequired costs involved when the product is shipped via a retailer. This is how the Bear range of mattresses are available at only a fraction of the cost of other luxury mattresses while offering the same level of comfort and luxurious qualities as the high-end ones.

Is There Something I Might Not Like?

Although the Bear happens to be a class apart from the rest of the sleeping mattresses available in the market but just like every product, there are some downsides associated with Bear too. You must not forget that the Bear is manufactured with a revolutionary new memory foam technology so the pros and cons vary person-to-person. You may find it unappealing if:

You have a preference for very soft and pliable beds.

Mattresses like Bear, which totally rely upon memory foam technology as a top layer, offer a single level of firmness. It cannot be adjusted nor can it be tweaked. Therefore, if you want a very soft, flexible, pliable and/or adjustable mattress, then the Bear is not right for you. Or else, you should think about adding a mattress topper.

You are Not a fan of memory foam.

It is possible that you are a spring mattress lover and not too keen on having a memory foam bed. If you try to switch your preference from conventional spring buoyant mattress to memory foam then be prepared for a noticeable change, which you may find likable or unlikeable.

Does It Smell?

The Beat Mattress has a neutral odor because there aren’t any smelly or volatile compounds used in its manufacturing. It is, however, noted by the manufacturer that there could be a very slight smell when the mattress is unpacked after delivery, but this smell will immediately dissipate.

Bear Mattress Advantages :


Given that people have different weight and size, therefore, it is possible that you experience the different level of firmness. To provide a broader range of information on the firmness factor of the Bear, three more testers were bought so that you get a better idea about the range of firmness that you can expect. When the testers were assessed, the Bear Mattress turned out to be in the medium firmness range and was more towards the firm side.

Initially, the mattress feels like the gel memory foam mattress does so you will get a soft feel. But as the memory foam starts contouring your body and you push through the layers, you will start feeling the springiness from the response foam layers beneath the top layer. The purpose of including response foam layers is to ensure that the mattress has adequate bounce and facilitate the transition into the firmer part of the memory foam. These layers do offer bouncy feel when you move around over the mattress.

As evident, there is a minor disturbance from the 4” drop since the memory foam top layer successfully isolates motion transfer and similar size movement to the drop from this height will not lay any impact on the other sleeper on the mattress.

The 8 and 12-inch drops will, however, cause some amount of motion that will be felt on the other end of the mattress. Once through the memory foam layer, the response foam may cause more motion that is to be transferred, so the other sleeper will feel a higher level of disturbance.


In case the mattress is being shared with a partner, you would certainly want to know how it would feel when the other person gets into and out of the bed or changes posture while sleeping. The upcoming test will demonstrate the intensity of motion, which is identifiable from one end of the mattress to the other.
To perform this test, I dropped a 10lb steel ball from varying heights of 4, 8 and 12 inches. Then I measured the disturbance caused on the other end of the mattress. It was quite intuitive but I discovered that the disturbance increased with the intensity of the lines.


This is totally reliant on personal preference. Some users prefer to sink into or sit on top of their bed. Therefore, to test the sinkage aspect of Bear mattress, I used four balls of different sizes and densities including a 6 and 8 lb medicine ball, a 10lb steel ball and a 50lb medicine ball. The balls were then placed on the mattress for measuring the extent to which they compressed the surface.

Basically, the test involved the use of varying sizes, weights and densities so as to imitate different parts of our body and also to check the mattress’ performance for different sized users. The test allowed incredible insight into how much sinkage it supported. Here’s the breakdown of the findings according to each ball I used:

6 lb medicine ball: 1 inch of sinkage.
8 lb medicine ball: about 1.5 inches of sinkage.
10 lb steel ball: about 2 inches of sinkage.
50 pound medicine ball: 4 inches of sinkage.


When you have to share your mattress with a partner and need to use the whole surface, then you should consider the edge support. Foam mattresses sometimes lack the ideal edge support that conventional innerspring mattresses offer. That’s why I wanted to check how I would feel closer to the edge of the Bear mattress.
When lying closer to the edge of the mattress, I observed even support from the center-right to the side of the bed. I also felt that I won’t roll out of the bed when changing positions closer to the side of the bed. I also felt support when I hanged my legs off the bed and excessive compression wasn’t felt in this position.

This particular position where my entire weight was concentrated onto one side of the mattress simulates getting to bed at nighttime or getting ready in the morning, and I felt some compression. This isn’t anything out of the ordinary as it is a common observation in foam mattresses. On the whole, I think that Bear mattress offers reasonably good edge support.


FAQ: Official Bear Mattress Shipping Infomation

Sleep Trial – Bear offers a 100 night risk-free trial period for the mattress.
Warranty – There is a 10-year warranty for the Bear mattress.
Shipping – Currently, Bear is only shipped to the USA, Canada, and Puerto Rico. Within the continental USA, shipping is free while charges will be applied to shipments to Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico.
Giving – 1% of every sale is donated to Good Sports Charity, which provides children in need with equipment, apparel and footwear to participate in sports and physical activity.

How Is the Mattress Shipped?

The Bear Mattress (box measures 20W” x 40L” x 20H”) and Bear Hybrid (box measures 20W” x 44L” x 20H”) are both shipped in compressed form and in boxes. It is recommended that you allow up to 24 hours’ time for the mattress to expand fully.

Where Do They Ship?

Bear mattresses can be shipped to any address in all the 50 states and anywhere in Canada except for Puerto Rico.

Delivery Fee

Deliveries are free-of-charge in the contiguous 48 states. Consumers in Hawaii, Alaska, and Canada will receive shipping fees that may vary as per the location.

Sleep Trial and Warranty Information

Trial Period and Guarantee:  100-night sleep trial is offered by Bear on all mattresses.

FAQ: Learn More About 100-night sleep trial

1. Customers should test the mattress for at least 30 days starting from the day of purchase after which they will be eligible to return the product.
2. Customers who choose to return the product after 30 days will be given a complete refund and will not be needed to pay mattress removal and transportation fees while the company will offer free mattress pickup service.

Warranty: Bear offers a 10-year limited warranty for the Bear Mattress and a 20-year warranty for the Bear Hybrid.

1. The Bear Mattress’ warranty coverage starts from the date of original purchase.
2. The warranty covers the following product defects:
About 1″or deeper sagging and/or indention in the sleep surface
Splits or cracks in the mattress surface caused by physical flaws.
Manufacturing defects pertaining to the cover of the mattress such as broken or defective cover zippers.
3. The following aspects will not be covered in the warranty:
Damages caused due to inappropriate foundation support or misuse.
Physical damage caused by the customer such as burns, stains, discolorations etc.
Indentations or sagging that is not 1” or deeper, or changes in the softness of the foam that impact feel or shape recovery.
4. The original purchaser with the original receipt or proof of purchase is eligible to file for warranty claims and will be given exclusive ownership of warranty.
Bear Hybrid:
1. Bear Hybrid offers the 20-year warranty, which is divided into nonprorated and prorated phases.
All costs for repairing or replacing of a defective mattress will be paid by Bear Mattress during  1 to 10 years’ period. Owner will bear shipping and handling costs.
Bear Mattress will be responsible for repairing the mattress at a handling cost to the owner during 11-20 years’ period, or the mattress will be replaced at a prorated charge, which will start at 50% of the original product price during the 11th year, and the price will keep increasing at a rate of 5% every subsequent year till the time of warrant expiry.
2. The outer cover of the mattress is warranted for one year, which starts from the date of original purchase.
3. The warrant of Bear Hybrid warranty covers the following product defects:
One and a half inches (1 1/2″) or deeper sagging and/or indentation observed in the sleep surface.
Splits or cracks in the foam caused due to physical flaws.
Mattress’ cover related manufacturing defects such as broken or defective mattress cover zippers.
4. The warranty of Bear Hybrid does not cover the following aspects:
Damages caused by inappropriate foundational support or misuse.
Physical damages caused by misuse of mattress such as discoloration, stains and/or burns.
Changes caused in the soft feel of the foam or shape recovery if it does not measure to one and a half inches (1 ½”) or deeper.
5. Only the original purchaser will have exclusive rights to claiming the warranty and before filing for warranty claims, the purchaser will be required to show an original receipt or proof of purchase.


After carefully examining the Bear Mattress, I believe that it is perfect if:

You require memory foam feel and do not want to get stuck: The presence of response foam beneath the memory foam does a reasonably good job of letting you freely move around and change posture/positions without compromising on the feel of the gel memory foam top layer.
Overheating is an issue for you: If you don’t want a mattress that overheats the body then Bear Mattress is perfect for you because its design combines the graphite gel infused memory foam with Celliant technology, which help in regulating bodily temperature.
You have a pretty active lifestyle or are an Athlete: Studies suggest that Celliant is brilliant in speeding up the recovery process and Bear Mattress is amongst the few options in the market that incorporate this technology at the moment.

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