Bear Mattress Coupon Codes 2018

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Bear Mattress

In comparison with its pairs, the bear mattress easily distinguishes itself. Built specifically for athletes and active people alike, the Bear mattress provides a much-needed sleep to the hardworking and even the lazy ones.

The Bear Mattress forms a part of a new breed of American mattress that doesn’t compromise on innovation and quality. It is public-oriented and as such is sold directly to them to reduce the cost and final price of the consumers significantly.

How does the 100 Night Risk-Free Trial work?

Upon receiving the Bear Mattress, you can take 100 nights of sleeping on it to decide if it’s something you love or not. If you don’t derive complete satisfaction from it, after 100 Nights, put a call to us and we would get someone to come to pick it up and give you a full refund with no fees attached.

How long will it take my Bear sleep products to ship?

Bear mattress takes between 2-4 working days to ship upon the completion of your order. Depending on your location within the country, your Bear Mattress will be at your home within 4-7 working days. Because shipping is done from different warehouses, there might be slight variations with the schedule.

What is the return policy of the Bear mattress?

You can ask for a refund after using the Bear Mattress for the duration of 30 to 100 nights. It is required you have it for up to 30 nights before a return can be initiated. The return time is dependent on the date of delivery. One customer, household or delivery address is allowed to make only one return of the mattress. Upon the return of the Bear Mattress, you will be refunded the exact cost of the mattress. Put a call through to 844-311-0035 if you consider initiating a return.

What is the difference between a Bear Hybrid Mattresses and other?

The Bear Mattress is of premium quality. It is aesthetically designed by the unique combination of both coils and foams to make a sound sleeping platform that provides a fantastic feel. You know how you feel in those luxurious hotel beds? That’s the same sweet sensation you get from the Bear Hybrid. Just like it is with the Bear Mattress, the Bear Hybrid utilizes the same Celliant Technology in its cover. In addition to that, there is a gel memory and high airflow foam available. Another telling difference is that the bear hybrid has specific wrapped pocketed coils that aid support and a hand-tufted quilted top also provides a traditional mattress feel to it.


The combination of the finest materials with the best hands results in the Bear Mattress. The mattress is made with durable Celliant cover, and graphite-gel infused Memory foam. Graphite has been utilized to keep temperatures down in electronics and computers; now, it is combined with gel and memory foam to provide sleepers a cool sleeping sensation. The Celliant Technology embedded in the mattress cover also gives a more cooling option and regulate the temperature of the body.

Other benefits which Celliant affords are restful sleep, enhanced physical performance, and speedy body recovery. Medical studies have shown that as an FDA approved the medical device, Celliant increases oxygen levels, and blood flow. The combination of both means the body recovers faster, and healing rate is better.


Your comfort is guaranteed. The Bear Mattress is designed to offer a robust comfort and a relaxing sleep experience to any of its user. Regarding its firmness, sleepers gave it a rating of 7 out of 10. Even with that, most sleepers find it very comfortable. It is very soft, and not just that, it provides spinal alignment, pressure relief, comforting sensation, and cooling contentment. The Celliant Technology built into the mattress also works to give you a restful sleep.

Reports indicate that the Bear mattress can make sleepers fall asleep much quicker than any other mattress. A recent study carried out by the University of California, observed in participants, the time spent on the bed before sleeping was reduced by more than 18 minutes. Additionally, Celliant Technology has restorative tendencies for the body. The FDA determined the Celliant as a medical device that can enhance blood flow leading to increased energy, performance and faster recovery.


There is excellent support in all areas of the mattress. Designed with, Graphite Gel infused Memory Foam top layer to solid core bottom layer; the Bear mattress provides quality support in all areas of its structure. The solid core foundation at the bottom of the mattress gives complete support for a section of the mattress. There is also a transitional middle layer of Response Memory Foam to provide the perfect alignment for spines.

The top layer foam still works to keep the spine aligned at the same time, provide much-needed pressure relief. All parts of the mattress work together to ensure whoever sleeps on the bed is comfortable and doesn’t sink into the bed. With the mattress, restful sleep is assured.

How to Use Bear Mattress Coupon Codes?

1. Firstly, go to Bear Mattress Page and select a mattress that will surely satisfy you.

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